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Affordable Scaffolding for Business and Home Affordable Scaffolding for Business and Home Affordable Scaffolding for Business and Home

 Shipping Information
Freight costs are based on weight and zip code.
Please e-mail or call us with your zip code and the items you want to purchase, and we can figure your freight costs before you purchase.

95% of all orders are shipped in under 3 business days.
All orders are shipped by common carrier ground rates from our 6 shipping yards across the country.
All orders are banded and palletized for easy handling.
Expedited shipping is available. Contact Us.
All shipping costs will be calculated and invoiced to you within 24 hours.
This will be a separate payment from the products.
Your order will be shipped upon acceptance and payment of the freight charges.

Should you have any concerns about the personal information we collect from you at the time of purchase, please review our Privacy Policy.


Affordable Scaffolding has 6 shipping yards across the country which saves you money! Most items are in stock and ship within 72 hours!
4 FREE Screw Jacks with purchase of any Rolling Tower Kits - A $75.00 Savings!
Affordable Scaffolding has Contractor Pricing available. Contact us for a quote!
Buy Online Now - Secure Shopping with Affordable Scaffolding!
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